The SES Distributed Processing (SES-DPTM) framework is a software solution that significantly reduces the time and costs associated with the production of distributed computing systems. The framework has been leveraged by the US Air Force as the foundation for hardware-in-the-loop test systems that have tested and qualified over a billion dollars of satellite flight hardware.

The SES-DP framework provides engineers a highly reliable and extensible platform for developing and integrating complex real-time hardware-in-the-loop systems. It accomplishes this by offering powerful features such as:
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Optimized Workflow for Model-Based Design
A Powerful Easy to Use Foundation for the Most Complex Distributed Computing Systems
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(User process C++ code generators, Matlab Simulink to SES-DP autocoder...)
(All aspects of the complete distributed system can be controlled from a single client)
(Allows 1 codebase to service all target environments)
(Direct support for popular scripting languages such as Perl and Python)
(National Instruments NIDaq, NetAcquire HWIO, Lockheed Martin LM-Star, DVX, XCSE...)
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(Allows systems to easily grow or change when requirements change)
Unmatched System Extensibility

Powerful Distributed Command and Control Capabilities
Integrated system and process level scripting / automation
Built in OS abstraction
Easily integrates with third party code bases and products
Hard-real-time performance with direct support for FPGAs
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