The SES-DP Framework provides the developers and integrators of complex systems with unmatched system extensibility. As an integration platform, the SES-DP Framework is in a class of its own allowing disparate computer software, subsystems and systems to be integrated into a seamless elegant solution that is highly extensible and reliable with comprehensive automation capabilities. It accomplishes this by providing the following features:
Framework's utilization of plug-in interfaces for infrastructure features allows the user to customize the system
   as needed for any application
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User Specific Distributed Process plug-ins
Time Source plug-ins
Inter-Process Publish/Subscribe communication plug-ins
Inter-Process Steam communication plug-ins
Facility Manager top level configuration plug-ins
Allows new user specific distributed process plug-in objects to be created in minutes
Allows existing distributed process commands to be changed and new distributed process commands to be easily added
Additional SES-DP servers and complete consoles can be easily added and integrated into the distributed system when requirements grow
Plug-in architecture isolates other system components from process specific code changes
Matlab Simulink
National Instruments I/O libraries
NetAcquire HWIO libraries
Lockheed Martin Simulation and Hardware IO libraries
Framework's Distributed Architecture seamlessly accommodates new system requirements
Framework provides easy-to-use automated code generation tools
Framework Allows the user to Easily move processing plug-ins from one server to another by changing a single
   line in a script
Framework Allows the user to change a complex system's detailed facility level configuration by simply editing
   Perl script
Framework allows existing 3rd party solutions and codebases to be easily coupled together into a compete large
  scale integrated distributed system