Spence Engineering Services, Inc. (SES) specializes in the development and integration of complex real-time distributed systems. We provide expertise in software engineering, digital electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, and large-scale system integration. SES provides expert consulting services in the following areas:
Robotic system development
Vehicle hardware-in-the-loop system architecture/development
Embedded system development
Flight software development
Real-time dynamic system simulation development
Object oriented software architecture/development
Digital circuit design with FPGA/EPLD devices (VHDL, AHDL)
Mechanical system design and analysis
Hardware/software system integration
Hardware device driver development
High-speed data acquisition and system data archival
CCSDS telemetry system development

XML driven system design/implementation
GUI design and implementation (.Net, and Java)
3D graphics development
Automated system design/implementation
Real-time process control and automation
Mobile phone application development
Scalable real-time simulation framework development
Hard-real-time distributed multi-processor communications
Hardware/software optimization for real-time performance
Object oriented code design optimization for reuse

Cross platform code development
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