The SES-DP Framework utilizes a client-server model of distributed computing in which server machines provide hard-real-time or non-real-time computing services to client machines. The server side computing services, referred to as Distributed Processes, are implemented as stand-alone server plug-ins that can be dynamically loaded on remote servers and coupled to extensible system resources at run time. Once loaded, each server process exports a process specific command and control interface that can be discovered and invoked by any client side machine. Because the collection of exported process commands is user specific, the process can be made to handle any task ranging from the configuration of low level FPGA hardware registers to setting the top level mode of a dynamic system. The SES-DP client-server network protocol utilizes a simple, uniform design featuring extensible command messages that make it easy to add new server commands or change existing ones. This general and highly extensible architecture allows engineers to rapidly build customized distributed computing systems and easily extend/modify those systems when system requirements change.
Powerful generalized command and control interface is used on all server nodes and distributed process plug-ins

Supports complete server and process plug-in command interface discovery from client applications and scripts

Same generalized command and control interface is used on all facility machines regardless of the deployed
  distributed process server's operating system

Commands that are invoked on a hard-real-time distributed process do not impact the process' real-time
   computing performance. This allows commands to be sent to time critical systems without killing performance

All server and distributed process plug-in commands can be invoked from the C++ or C# client interfaces as
  well as from popular scripting languages such as Perl or Python
Interface allows complete system and subsystem level automation from a single script or top level executive
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